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eFolio is a suite of tools aimed at academics and students, but all under the umbrella or a wordpress multisite. It’s not only a student ePortfolio tool but also includes a number of useful applications for staff and administrators,¬†which includes, but is not limited to:

  • Module registers with auto generated absence email notifications
  • Private / public blogs for every student and staff member at the Univeristy
  • A tutor dashboard showing relevant student information such as grades and mugshots
  • A skills & competencies application allowing students to attach media library items, uploads and blog posts as evidence to a specific skill or set of competencies.
  • An internal achievments system tied to skills & competencies sign offs.
  • A number of custom wordpress themes for vocational programmes such as Medicine and PGCE
  • A graduation pack (PDF) creation tool
  • APIs from LinkedIn, the syllabus system, eAssignment system and feeds from student records and the staff user database

During my time at Southampton (2008 Р2017) I was the eFolio manager and was the primary developer of this application. in March 2017 it had 10,000 unique users from the University each year and more than 7000 student blogs.