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iSurvey is an online research questionnaire tool developed for the University of Southampton and in March 2017 it hit the 16,000 surveys milestone. it was designed specifically for research questionnaires and so it can handle question and section randomisation, logic, routing and even counterbalancing.

Question types include:

  • Free text
  • Single choice
  • Multiple choice
  • Sliding scales
  • Matrix (single / multiple choice)
  • Ordering / ranking
  • True / false
  • Drop down / drop down matrix
  • Templates for demographics (ethnicity / date of birth / country)
  • Stimuli / Response from previous questions

Survey settings include:

  • data restrictions / password access
  • Progress bar styles
  • Auto submit after X time
  • Prevent progression for X time
  • Auto emails to participants after completion
  • Auto jump to given URL after completion

It also includes a REST API for sending participant and response data to other applications.